[ref dict="Universal (Ch-Ru)"]并举[/ref]

Chinese phonetic list . 2014.

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  • 并举 — bìngjǔ [develop (run, work) simultaneously] 同时举办, 一齐进行 土洋并举 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 病句 — bìngjù [grammatically wrong sentence] 在语法或逻辑上有毛病的句子 本文病句甚多, 改后再送审 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 土洋并举 — tǔyáng bìngjǔ [use both indigenous and foreign methods; simultaneous employment of modern and indigenous methods of production] 本国的(土)法和外国的(洋)法都采用 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

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